Nirav Modi’s Return To India Cleared By UK Government

Scam-accused billionaire Nirav Modi’s Return to India has been realised by the British government. The UK Home Secretary has signed the extradition order. Panjab National Bank(PNB) fraud case, the Indian government has initiated the process to extradite his brother Nehal Modi, including an accused in the case, from the US. On Friday, the CBI submitted Before a special Mumbai government affidavit of an extradition demand by the Government of India to be given to the US government.

Nirav Modi is wanted by Indian courts for fraud and money laundering in the ₹ 14,000-crore Punjab National Bank (PNB) loan scam. Nirav Modi’s Return To India

Meantime, the ED has declared that Nehal had “personally overseen” that accounts and records were eliminated. Last month, a UK court had ordered Nirav’s extradition, observing that prima facie there was evidence to order his extradition to face charges in India. Nirav’s sister Purvi Modi and her husband Maiank Mehta, who were also named as accused in the case by the ED, have been made prosecution witnesses against him after they attempted to give proof against him. While the court has approved their request to become approvers, they are yet to appear before it.

Nirav Modi's Return To India
Source by: india tv

Meantime, he also allows two additional charges of “causing the removal of evidence” and “intimidating observers” or “criminal intimidation to cause death”, which were attached to the CBI case.

The ED has attached several assets of Nirav Modi’s Return To India running into crores of rupees in connection with the case.

Nirav Modi still has the option of legally challenging his extradition to India.

Source:- India Tv

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